Hiring a Delaware Divorce Attorney: Ask These 3 Questions

Your divorce will impact you in more ways than one. Besides an alteration in your marital status, you will have to deal with evolving family dynamics and a change in your finances. Regardless of the equation that you share with your spouse, you have to protect your interests. Divorces in Ohio are different because the terms “dissolution of marriage” and “divorce” don’t mean the same. Hiring a Delaware divorce attorney should be your priority, and if you are interviewing a lawyer, here are some questions you need to ask.

“How long have you been a family law attorney? How frequently do you deal with divorce cases?”

The experience of a divorce lawyer is key to getting a fair outcome. While there are no winners or losers in a divorce, it is important to have an attorney you can trust with your interests. Not all lawyers have handled child custody battles, and some lawyers are better at resolving high-asset divorces. Always ask the attorney about their work profile, and they should be willing to discuss the details, even though they may not share client details for confidentiality reasons.

“What’s your approach for most divorces?”

Watch out for how an attorney answers this question. In Ohio, if you want to end the marriage but your spouse has objections to certain aspects, it would be a divorce. Alternatively, you can file a joint petition for dissolution of marriage, provided both of you agree on aspects like child custody, alimony, child support, and asset distribution. An attorney should do their best to ensure that the matter doesn’t end up in court, and they should have experience with regard to collaborative divorces and mediation.

“How much do I need to pay for your services? Would you handle the case personally?”

It is not rare or uncommon for divorce lawyers to pass cases to their associates of the same firm. However, as a client, you should have access to your attorney at all times. Communication shouldn’t be an uphill battle. As for the fee of the divorce lawyer, it largely depends on the facts of the case, but you can expect an hourly rate or a retainer fee. For simple divorces, lawyers also charge a flat fee at times.

Final word

There are people who have managed to get divorced without an attorney. However, this could be a costly adventure, especially when you have considerable assets at stake or matters that require legal expertise. Contact a divorce lawyer today!