Herbs for Health

Herbs are also known as medicinal plants. This herbal medicine plant has many advantages when compared with other plants. The advantages of this herbal medicinal plant that is beneficial to the body in improving endurance and prevent and treat the body from various diseases. In addition to remembering the side effects are small but also a great benefit when compared to chemicals. Even now there is also widespread marijuana plants that are said to cure various diseases (although they still reap the pros and cons). Just visit the Canadian Pharmacy Online for more info.

Medicinal Herbal Medicinal Plant (Morinda Citrifolia)

The benefits Morinda Citrifolia can be a headache medicine, lowering high blood pressure, launched the digestive system, treat gout, treat jaundice and help prevent coronary heart disease.

Herbal Leaf Medicinal Plants (Piper Betle)

The benefits of this betel leaf can cure asthma, sore throat, eliminate bad body odor, to treat eye pain, as a nosebleed, treat a toothache, and overcome leucorrhoea.

Herbal Medicinal Plants Aloe Vera

The benefits of a hair fertilizer, beauty treatments, treat skin diseases, as a wound healer, as well as heat suppression on burns and cancer drugs.

Herbal Medicinal Plant Cannabis

The benefits of Cannabis have been debated everywhere, but some of the benefits of Medical Cannabis have been proven to treat some diseases. Medical Cannabis controversy is also not a new news in the world of herbal medicine. You can find some information about the Cannabis on Canada Drugs for medical.

Medicinal plants Herbal Carambola

The benefits of sweet star fruit contain vitamin A, B, C, protein, calcium and so on. In addition to the delicious taste of star fruit is also able to become high cholesterol drugs, treating hypertension, weight loss, and high blood pressure.

Herbal Medicinal Plant of Curcuma (Curcuma xanthorrhiza)

The benefits have a Curcuma xanthorrhiza contains curcumin which is useful as an anti-inflammatory or anti bile toxicity. Wild Ginger is able to prevent it because Curcuma xanthorrhiza able to treat hepatitis B acts as a major factor of liver cancer.

The Herbal Medicinal Plant of Cincau (Cyclea Barbata)

Usually also known as camcao, cincau. The benefits of gastric inflammatory drugs, high blood pressure, typhoid and fever.