Choose your Business Gift Carefully

The business gift is a gift that companies usually offer to its customers and partners to consolidate with the commercial links with them. In other words, it is a marketing tool to build customer or partner loyalty. It is therefore less basic and less conventional than advertising objects. It must be more personalized to the maximum, and above all, offered to the right recipient at the right time. Thus, advertising goodies such as ordinary pens embellished with your logo or key chains can not constitute a business gift.

As you can see, these small gifts offered occasionally to customers and partners are of great importance to your business. Before choosing the perfect business gift, here are some things you should know about this type of gift.

You can offer a high-tech business gift to your partners and customers at special events such as trade shows, conferences, signing a contract, or the anniversary of collaboration.

The business gift can take many forms; the choice depends essentially on the person you want to target. If you want to stay in the memory of your different partners, take the time to choose the object that you will offer as a business gift. Custom water bottles might be an option.

Choose the right time to offer your business gift. Avoid offering your gift when signing a contract or renewing collaboration. Your gift could indeed be considered as a means of pressure. The ideal would be to wait for the signature and renewal of collaborations to offer your business gift. It will be perceived as a thank you for the service rendered and trust. The gift can be as simple as a printed umbrella, but thinkof a way to make it gain significance.

The business gift must remain symbolic

Its main objective is to maintain a good relationship between you and your various partners and customers. Offering a business gift is therefore somehow to retain your associates and customers. It is often customary to offer this type of gift to thank the various partners for their trust and loyalty. This gift demonstrates your willingness to continue your collaboration with the recipient. To avoid that the business gift is perceived as a bribe or an attempt at corruption, it must however remain symbolic. While you can offer an expensive item to your various partners, however, you must ensure that the price of the gift is proportional to the value of your business. If it is too expensive, your client or partner may be embarrassed. He may think that if you are able to offer him a gift of such value, it may be because you can generate a profit margin too important on the products or services he offers you. This could serve you and change the nature of your exchanges in the future. If it is too cheap, your client or partner may be upset because it may be considered a lack of consideration on your part.