Cannabis Can Treat Anxiety and Stress

You might not expect marijuana, which is one type of narcotics that is banned in Indonesia apparently can treat mental disorders. Washington State University released new findings claiming cannabis use can help those who struggle with mental health disorders, such as stress and anxiety. For more information, you can visit licensed producers Canada.

There is a study that states that those who experience mental disorders, after using marijuana, can reduce stress, depression, and anxiety.

Researchers from Harvard Medical School found that marijuana has an effect that can help calm one’s anxiety. Of course, this only applies to the use of marijuana in the right dose. The use of marijuana in high doses can actually have the opposite effect of increasing anxiety and paranoid thoughts.

In the study, the researchers asked participants who had mental disorders to breathe two strands of marijuana. They want to see how the two chemical compounds contained in marijuana.

Based on these findings, researchers found a lump of marijuana containing higher levels of cannabidiol can overcome the problem of depression. In addition, those who use two lumps of marijuana can reduce symptoms of anxiety.

In addition, participants who use 10 or more strands of marijuana with a combination of both chemical compounds that are equally strong, stress symptoms can also be overcome.

However, researchers say the use of marijuana to reduce mental disorders is only temporary. That is, those who continue to use marijuana will cause severe depression later on.

Medical marijuana does have surprising benefits. This does not mean you can immediately use marijuana if you have health problems. The use of marijuana still has to go through the right procedure and in the right dosage also to get the benefits optimally and prevent the bad effects that can be given by marijuana.