Adoption vs Surrogacy

In considering Adoption and Surrogacy options, there are a lot of misunderstandings and misconceptions. Everyone has their right to choose the proper way individually. ADONIS will support your every choice and provide a wide range of offers in case of surrogacy selection.

When you are choosing between Adoption and Surrogacy, there some aspects you need to take into account:

  • Genetic relation – in ADONIS Surrogacy one of the most important aspect is the genetic relation with at least one of the intended parents; you are biological parents of the baby, the surrogate is carrying a baby for intended parents; while with adoption, you and the baby have no relation genetically
  • Control and Protection – in ADONIS Surrogacy the whole treatment process is completely controlled by the professional, intended parents are aware of every aspect of pregnancy and provided with full information (ultrasound, 3D photos); ADONIS legal team ensure your protection and support with documentation, baby registration –  there is no such a range of control and parents protection in adoption
  • Facilitate process – ADONIS provide the wide range of Surrogacy programs in view of every possible aspect to have problem with, you will have the full support and care; with surrogacy there is a possibility of usage the remaining embryos from the previous IVF treatment
  • Opportunity to choose the surrogate – ADONIS own donor base provides variety of totally healthy and examined surrogates, the intended parents can choose the proper variant for them according to wishes and preferences, sometimes, when choosing the adoption, you can’t even make sure who is the parents of the baby

You are always welcome to have a special consultation in the surrogacy area. Every question that interests is going to be clarified and expounded. ADONIS provides the best programs that include not only medical services but no-medical ones too. The intended parents’ interests are at number one.

There is full list of ADONIS Surrogacy Programs for you:

  • Surrogacy (“fresh” embryo transfer)
  • Surrogacy + Sperm Donation (“fresh” embryo transfer)
  • Surrogacy + Egg Donation (“fresh” embryo transfer)
  • Surrogacy (with frozen embryo transfer – FET)

Complete support, high quality treatment, skilled professionals and medical staff – all around care for you and your future baby is granted. ADONIS main values are your health and well-being.

Parenting rights and legal process

In gestational surrogacy, there is a biological connection between the child and the intended parents and no biological connection to the gestational carrier (surrogate) as opposed to adoption. The legal process is much more simplified and has many advantages in establishing parenting rights. ADONIS legal team provides complete support during the whole process beginning from the agreement of surrogacy to the baby registration and repatriation.

Moreover, Ukrainian legislation is behind the intended parents’ rights. Its stability and accuracy in the area of surrogacy provide the full comfort and protection for ADONIS clients.

Your dream affordability

 If you are in a dilemma between Adoption VS Surrogacy cost, be sure to have the best prices for Surrogacy in ADONIS Fertility clinic. Our programs are of the most affordable prices without losing the highest quality. Price differs several times in comparison with the USA and Canada one in favor of ADONIS clinic. So don’t be aware of taking this opportunity!

ADONIS clinic is your chance to be happy parents, just make the choice!