5 Ways Having Flowers at Your Business Place Can Be Beneficial

Did you know that according to a survey carried out by the Bureau of Labor Statistics the average American adult spent about 8 hours at work? When you take into context that there are just 24 hours in the day and those hours are spent on various activities, 8 hours is a lot but hey there are bills to be paid yearly.

So, if we spend all this time at work it only makes sense to make the workspace or your place of business very comfortable and stimulating for us right?

A great way to do that is to have flowers in and around our place of business, at least some researchers and experts agree with this. In this post, we shall be revealing to you 5 reasons why this is true and you should have them at your business place. So, read on…

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1.     They Help Improve Creativity

It is no secret that as humans, nature is our number one muse. This is why the man-made things we see around us everyday feature designs inspired by nature or the reason why a lot of writers or artists love spending time at nature parks. Flowers are especially inspiring and even help boost positive emotions.

When you are in a good mood the creative juices are most likely to flow better. Who knows having flowers planted inside your business place or having a few pots here and there could help arouse your next big idea.

2.      Increases Productivity

A boring and visually unexciting business place could drain you and your employees of productivity because the brain is more likely to be stressed in such an environment. Flowers add color and vibrancy to your business place; the effect of that? Better productivity.

3.      Affordable and Sustainable Business Space Design Solution

Sprucing up your business design can add a few more dollars to your budget. Designing your office with beautiful flowers could be a solution to this problem because you can get the right flowers that fit into the overall theme or design of your business. What’s more? flowers are affordable and some can even last up to a week or more if giving proper care.

4.      Makes The Place Healthier

A happy person is a healthier person, so having established the above with some scientific backing that flowers improve mood and makes us happier we can also deduce that they have a positive effect on health and well-being even at your business place. Asides from this, plants naturally purify air through photosynthesis. So, since flowers are plants this means they could help ensure we breathe better quality air while at work.

5.      Keeps The Customers Coming Back

Giving the above wonderful effects of flowers including improving the aesthetics of the business space and making it a happier place, customers that come in for your services will also enjoy these benefits and look forward to visiting your business again and again. So, in some ways, you can say that the flowers pay for themselves and then some!

If all these benefits are indeed true, you should get the flowers in the building yesterday, no hesitations.